Directed by Evan Leong, 2013, USA, 1:28, English


Virtually unheralded despite a stellar career at Harvard in the Ivy League, professional basketball player Jeremy Lin went undrafted out of college. Eventually signing a contract with the Golden State Warriors, he was released shortly after his debut with the team. Finding his way to the Houston Rockets, Lin secured another tentative contract only to be released again shortly thereafter. Claimed again by the New York Knicks, Lin was set to actually play meaningful minutes in the NBA, only to soon find himself relegated to the end of the bench. Finally, when injury gave him opportunity to prove himself, Lin exploded onto the scene for the most points scored in his first games in the history of the NBA; soon the whole nation was wrapped up in the phenomenon known as Linsanity. This lighthearted, informal documentary follows Jeremy from his early failures to his monumental success and provides a clear look in the vagaries of chance and fleeting moments of opportunity.


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