Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?Directed by Arvin Chen, 2013, Taiwan, 1:44, Mandarin/Min Nan with English Subtitles


Feng and Weichung are a match made in heaven, or at least so they thought. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow is an atypical romantic comedy about changing lives and transforming desires. As Feng and Weichung contemplate having another child, their storybook life begins to come apart at the seams. Feeling pressured, Weichung begins to face questions he has had about his sexuality. And as he sets on a course to find answers for himself, he must also help his sister, Mandy, who has begun to experience relationship problems of her own. A light-handed treatment of modern issues and feelings, the film is notable for its characters’ on-screen chemistry and magical realism cinematography style, making for a thoroughly enjoyable spin on a classic genre.




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